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Being pulled over for a traffic violation can be a very disturbing. No matter if you did nothing wrong, everyone’s heart starts beating faster and you become anxious when confronted by the police. Remember, you are still a citizen and have rights.

Traffic tickets, no matter how seemingly petty, could ultimately cost you much more than an an annoying fine. Did you know your traffic offense could stay on your record for 7 years or longer? During the time your traffic ticket is on your record, it will adversely affect your cost of insurance, decrease the likelihood of being let off with a warning, and even increasing the chances of losing your drivers license.

By simply paying the fine you admit guilt and accept the repercussions. By allowing me to represent you I can negotiate the gray areas of our legal system to often find a way to reduce the adverse consequences of a traffic violation.

Spending a couple hundred dollars can ultimately save you thousands. Contact me now to learn more.

License Restoration

If you have lost your driver’s license or are at risk of doing so, you need to contact me immediately. Let’s face it, a drivers license is a “must have” in today’s world. Your freedom and your job could depend on it. Never go to court unless you have the tools to WIN! You need an attorney with my experience and knowledge to navigate through the system. There are to many legal potholes that can cause you to lose your license, so call me now to avoid wandering into disaster.

Accommodating and Personalized Service

My firm operates on the principle that clients need to be able to access their attorney when they need help. When you call, unless I’m in court, you should get me personally and will get your questions answered immediately.

If you’re facing any questions/problems pertaining to criminal and/or traffic violations in Michigan, and you’d like me to review your case, I’m prepared to give you my personal attention. I have over 25 years of experience representing many people in your situation. My priority is protecting my clients’ rights. Call today to discuss your legal problem with me.

The CORRECT Way to Handle a Traffic Stop

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